M is for… Music (to write to)

The letter MThis post is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge.

I could share a lot of music with you. I adore music, and enjoy everything from heavy metal to dubstep to electro to reggae to rap.

However, instead of simply listing of all my favourite songs (which could take a while), instead I wanted to share with you the music I am listening to whilst writing my upcoming novel (as yet untitled). Each song evokes a specific mood or theme for the novel, and I switch between the songs depending on what the scene is about.

The playlist is below:

Cosmic lycanthrope

When writing The Rising Wind I was less dedicated, cycling through several albums. However the two main characters, Tabbi and Denise, had their own theme songs:



When choosing music to write, I find it’s rarely about the lyrics but more about the mood that the song conjures up. It is this that makes music so special – that I can put on a specific song and within ten seconds be feeling epic, nostalgic, jazzy, contemplative or just flat out despairing.

I would love to hear what music you listen to for inspiration. Do you have specific character themes? Do you have an album that you associate with a particular book or story? Let me know in the comments (or on twitter: @suziehunt).

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