N is for… Nature Reserves

The letter NThis post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally need to go outside. Not just for five minutes, not just for a breath of fresh air: but properly outside. If I don’t spend at least a few days each year wandering around some beautiful landscape I get cranky.

One of my dreams is to reach a place financially/professionally where I can spend a significant portion of each day outside in the sun (and rain!). In the meantime, a long weekend here and there has to hold me over.

Sadly, it’s not always easy finding the kind of open space that lets you ‘get away from it all’. Green space is at a premium, but thankfully there are a few places that are looking after land in a way that is beneficial for wildlife (and what’s beneficial for wildlife is usually beneficial for people).

Want to find a nature reserve or national park near you? The following organisations all have protected green space across the UK that you can visit.

The Wildlife Trusts
National Trust
Natural England

What’s your favourite place to visit for some stunning scenery?

2 thoughts on “N is for… Nature Reserves”

  1. I so agree
    helps with the sanity issue
    i guess I am fortunate because most of my life I have had a place close by to escape to (ocean or mountains and now forest)

    Thanks so much for your visit
    Happy A to Zing

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