Hear my prayer

Ride the wave. When you eat, really eat, let all the luscious sensuality of food explode in your mouth. I don’t care what it is as long as you love it. When you sleep, really sleep, let the warm cave of covers sink you into oblivion. When you run, really run, stretch yourself to breaking point and then let yourself break.

I love this world. Love it to tears and laughter. There is nothing like the sky, nothing in a hundred million years could ever equal the depth and width and beauty of a sky. Turbulent, colourful, joyful, peaceful, infuriated, black as pitch or marbled grey and pink.

And this is the only lesson I can ever learn. I learn it again and again. That when you hold back you die, and when you plummet you might fly. I am an animal. I love and grieve and hunt and sleep and prick up my ears and listen to the whispers of a world in constant motion. I predict the future and learn from the past. Your Gods are dust and metal, my Gods are wind and rain and sun.

We plug ourselves in. Strap ourselves down. Cover our ears. Close our eyes. Then we wonder why we cannot move, cannot see, cannot feel. Never be trapped. The whole fucking world is out there. You are a shining mass of energy and flesh. Revel in it! You’ll die no matter what, however much you hoard for the rainy days, however wisely you plot your immortality. You’ll die, and you’ll have never lived. Travel cross-country. Tip the last of your change. Give all of yourself to whatever you love. Let your fiction blaze the trail, let your poetry cry out to the ends of the world, let your play be inspired, live your fiction. Live your story. Carry us with you.

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Hear my prayer

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