Living a simple life: C is for Consumer

C is for consumer (and credit cards)

This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Challenge. Woot!

Alright! We are three letters into the alphabet already, the sun is shining (it was when I drafted this post anyway), I have an enormous pot of pea soup simmering on the stove behind me… so what better time to talk about CONSUMPTION.

I have credit card debt. It’s not something I like. I have this whole plan to pay it off by the end of July. As such, I’m setting myself another April challenge (alongside blogging everyday). Namely a NO SPEND challenge.

Yes, I am buying groceries. But no take-away, no new books, no clothes, no random stuff for the house, no flowers, no over-priced cups of coffee. It means I need to plan more, think more, and oh… pay attention.

We live in a culture saturated with stuff. I do actually enjoy spending money – I love travel, I love eating out, I love new experiences. But, for April, I am going to focus on what’s free.

The #instagram life – in pursuit of perfection

I have a bit of an obsession with self-improvement, and with self-perfecting type books. I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I have an ad-blocker on my browser, so I don’t see many adverts. But I do go on instagram, I do look at the carefully curated perfect vignette, I do read ‘lifestyle’ blogs. Yeah, I am subscribed to Goop – and only partly ironically. I look at tours on Apartment Therapy. I crave the stylish, simple, super-expensive and self-described ‘minimalist’ chic.

I bought a magazine about simple living the other day, to read in a coffee shop. It was stuffed with adverts. Adverts for cute, eco-friendly, fair-trade stuff that was probably woven out of toxin-free hemp.

I want the vitamix blender, the white linens, the single vase of flowers.

I want the goddamn bullet-journal.

I want to be a different person. You know. The person who has it sorted. The person who is effortless, light, breezy and flowing. The person who only bought one thing, but that one thing was perfect.

I have yet to buy a perfect thing. I try for an organised, clean, #nofilter life, but the truth is, my whites keep going grey after I wash them a couple of times, I spilled marmalade on my floor the other day, and I killed the potted herbs I bought within about a week of buying them.

That went a bit off-piste. However, the core holds. A month without consuming extra in an effort to seek perfection that doesn’t exist. A month of enjoying what I already have. And, hopefully, a chunk of change to apply to the credit card debt.

12 thoughts on “Living a simple life: C is for Consumer”

  1. Loved the idea of No Spend Challenge! I know how worse Credit Card Debts can be – it never gets cleared, I guess!

    I will be setting myself up for the #NoSPendChallenge this month and the next!!!

  2. I’ve spent the last several years simplifying my life and I can tell you there is freedom with living simple. Love this post! Happy AtoZing…
    Heidi at, Decibel Memos (Perspectives absent of sound)

  3. I’ve recently made the decision to transform my life / home from one of consumption to one of production. It’s damn hard. But I honestly believe with each baby step that it’s worth it. Good luck with your no-spend challenge!

  4. That’s a fantastic idea, we should all do more of this! It made me think about how I could spend less too – so that I’ll have more money for travel 😉

  5. Good luck with reducing your consumption of purchased goods and getting on top of your debts so you can enjoy future travel and eating out.
    Visiting from A to Z

  6. Maybe I should count myself lucky that I grew up broke. I have actually (don’t laugh–or cry)–had to teach myself to spend money, a little anyway. On the other hand, being a pair of cheapskates has allowed us to raise our boys on a single salary, and have enough put away for a nice retirement. So…I’ll cheer you on and encourage you to learn to find better sources of joy than shopping!

    1. It’s interesting, because I also grew up poor, but it had a different impact, where when I have money I just spend it as who knows when I will next have money?

      The debt is not so frivolous, it’s come about because I fell in love with someone from another country, and it turns out immigration is not cheap…

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