Living a simple life: B is for Breathing

B is for… Breathing

This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Challenge. Woot!

Yesterday I posted about why I am rebooting my blog, and focusing on living a simple/happier life.

One of the ways I clawed my way out of the dark hole that is depression was with a mix of gentle yoga and meditation.

With the meditation, I started with guided meditations. With the yoga, I started with youtube videos – specifically the restful/relaxing/stretching/sleeping ones.

In both cases, there were a lot of times when they asked me to stop and focus on my breathing. To take longer, deeper breaths. To breathe into my belly.

Here’s the kicker: it worked. However agitated, miserable, angry, anxious and exhausted I felt — and trust me, I got pretty miserable — whenever I took the time to breath slowly and focus on my breath I got a tiny little mood boost. At the start that maybe only took me from ‘deeply miserable and angry’ to ‘sad and irritated’ but it was still a boost.

Breathing is a reminder that you are alive. It’s also, to me, a reminder that everything changes. Nothing is static. Even when you try and hold yourself completely still, your lungs and heart and thus your body is in motion.

A few breathing techniques

On a very basic level, slow your breathing down.

Lying on the floor feels nice. Try placing a hand on your belly and feel it rise and fall with your inhale and exhale.

Try inhaling through your nostrils for 3 seconds (count slowly), hold your breath for 2 seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth for 4 seconds.

Alternatively, try some yoga breathing exercises, there’s a great set of Pranayama videos to watch at Yoga with Adriene.



You got this.

8 thoughts on “Living a simple life: B is for Breathing”

  1. I have heard a lot about the immense benefits of pranayama and yoga.
    I am glad that the breathing techniques you are practising is helping you Suzie!

  2. I really need to try this as I struggle with anxiety (after losing my hearing). I hear so many great things about meditation and deep breathing. Thanks for sharing!
    Heidi visiting from the A to Z Challenge at, Decibel Memos (Perspectives absent of sound)

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your hearing loss and the resultant anxiety. Meditation is definitely something to try, I think.

  3. Great post. I love that animation. I use the headspace app for mindfulness meditation and focus a lot on my breathing. It really does improve my mental health. Looking forward to the rest of your atoz. xxx

    1. Many thanks! I used a guided meditation app on my phone and it was really useful, but after a while I found I wanted different meditations. I will have to check out headspace!

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