Forty before forty


  1. By the end of the decade have published five new books
  2. At least one of those books should be trad-pubbed
  3. Enter 10 short story competitions
  4. Earn at least £200 a month from writing
  5. Join a writers group
  6. Pay for a professional cover for the collected edition of SD stories
  7. Re-vamp my webdesign site (Completed 2 August 2014! Visit monochrome rainbow)
  8. Build 100 websites, either for clients or yourself – I’ve stopped freelance webdesign/development, and this goal no longer makes sense to me professionally. 
    1. Pipettes in the Dark – a science blog by Dr Catherine Moss
    2. Wildlife Fundrasing (Central) – a recruitment website
    3. – my book cover design website!
    4. Shot @ an Angle – a photography portfolio for William Mankelow
    5. Hamilton Education – shopify theme (in conjunction with another Web Dev agency)
  9. Get an MA in English Literature. ^^ Replaces 8 above.
  10. Learn jquery – I’ve stopped freelance webdesign/development, and this goal no longer makes sense to me professionally. 
    1. Attended a JQuery conference and started a CodeAcademy JavaScript course (March 2015)
  11. Save all income from freelance work in a special bank account. Have at least £5,000 by the end of the decade.


  1. Visit Japan (I’ve been wanting to do this since I was about 12…)
  2. Take a sleeper train across the USA or across europe – 21 August 2016. Travelled on the Caledonian Sleeper from Glasgow to London. 
  3. Take a cargo boat trip
  4. (Section) Hike the Appalachian Trail
  5. Go rock climbing – completed Tuesday 16th June, when I climbed Middlefell Buttres at Langdale.
  6. Camp 10 times in 10 different places
    1. Camped 9 August 2014 at AJ Jolly’s Campground in Kentucky
    2. Camped 3 and 4 April 2015 in Snowdonia, near Tryfan.
  7. Visit the Bahamas (Something P & I have been trying to do for the past 7 years!) – UPDATE: plane tickets booked for 19 May 2017.
  8. Go on a cross-America or cross-Europe road-trip
  9. Visit the Grand Canyon
  10. Visit South America


  1. Be able to do 10 pull-ups
  2. Be able to touch my toes from sitting – 16 November 2016, after several months of near daily yoga. 
  3. Be able to run 5k in under 30 minutes
  4. Be able to dead-lift my own bodyweight
  5. Don’t exceed an 82cm waist at any point (currently 76cm) – Was 90cm as of 21 January 2017 🙁 
  6. Try five new-to-me vegetables
    1. Romano peppers!
    2. Radacchio lettuce
    3. Lupin beans
  7. Complete a juice fast
  8. Remain caffeine-free for the decade – started drinking limited amounts of caffeine in the morning only.
  9. Go one month without refined-sugar
  10. Swim 5k


  1. Live in one place for at least two years
  2. Grow a vegetable garden
  3. Save £10,000 (That’s £1,000 every year) or $20,000
  4. Dye my hair purple at least once – dyed it purple 25 August 2016. Washed out. Would do again. 
  5. Write a will
  6. Remain happily married; enjoy my relationship with P as much at 40 as I do today
  7. Become a citizen of the USA
  8. Have a dog of my very own, that I pick out and train
  9. Go to San Diego Comic Con
  10. Private! (Gotta have some secrets)

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